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Florida Youth Athletics

General Questions

What sports do you offer?

Are you part of a National League?

  • Yes, we are members of the leading National organizations. We are part of Pop Warner for Tackle Football, and NFL Flag for Flag Football.

Can teams advance to a regional or National tournaments?

  • Of course! The top team in each of our division is eligible to compete in Regional and National Championship.

How many players on each flag football team?

  • Each team will have between 8-10 players on the team. Teams play in a 5v5 format. 12U and older can also play 7v7.

Is Florida Youth Athletics a Non-Profit organization?

  • Yes, Florida Youth Athletics is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization

What is your mission?

  • As a Non-Profit 501c3 organization, we provide opportunities for youth to play sports by reducing the financial barrier and provide all with better access to play sports.
  • We believe that high-quality youth sports should be available to every child who wants to learn how to play.

Registration Questions

When is the cutoff date when classifying age groups?

  • The cutoff date is July 31st. The system automatically filters to the relevant division upon registration.

When and where are games going to be played?

  • Games take place on Friday Evening, at Showalter East. Depending on age group, games start at 5PM all the way to the last game starting at 9PM.

What day(s) and where are practices?

  • Practice location and times is determined by the specific coach. The organization offers training fields on Wednesday Evenings at Showalter.  

What is the price to register and are there any possible discounts?

  • Regular registration is $120. Early bird saves you $20, late registration is $20 more.

When does the Season start and how long does it go on for?

  • The upcoming season starts on February 21st and runs through April 10th.