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Florida Youth Athletics

Florida Youth Athletics Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Florida Youth Athletics leadership team is comprised of talented and diversified group of volunteers. With backgrounds in business, sports, Non-Profit and youth organization, we are well suited to continue and grow as one of the largest youth sports organizations in Florida. 

Board of Directors

Sid Cash - President

Damien Wiesenfeld - Vice President

Amy Powers - Treasurer 

Naomi Ford - Secretary

Kenny Hodges - Commissioner Pop Warner Football

Leslie Wiesenfeld - Scholastic Coordinator

Shawna LaFont - Cheer Coordinator

NFL Flag Football Executive Committee

Commissioner – Amos Vizer

Director of Finance – Amy Powers

Director of Enrollment and Back Office Operations – Leslie Weisenfeld

Director of Game Day Operations – Irit Vizer

Director of Marketing - Jason Pennypacker

Director of Digital and Technology – Matan Vizer

Director of Education and standards Officiating Team – Paul Migetz

Director of Education and standards, coaching staff – Damien Weisenfeld and Bruce Powers